My obsession with vintage started in the mid nineties.
My high school wardrobe consisted mainly of 60's and 70's pieces. Some were very loud, but most were classic pieces that I still own today. This is how the name of my Etsy store, "wish you were then", came to be. The clothing and other vintage finds make me wish I was back in one of those fabulous decades. Looking through my vintage collection also makes me wish I was back in high school discovering my love of vintage for the first time. Some pieces that I can part with have even made their way it into my Etsy shop. Hunting for lost treasures and forgotten favorites is truly a passion. I'm so happy to share some of these gems with you on my blog. I also love to create handmade accessories, paper crafts and other items using vintage and modern pieces. I look forward to sharing lots of tutorials, design inspiration and finished projects on my blog as well.